Barton's Pot Type Lead Sub Oxide Systems

Lead is melted in a Melting Pot and is pumped into the Reaction pot, where the exothermic reaction of converting Lead to Lead Oxide takes place. The reaction temperature and reaction ampere is controlled to achieve stable reaction and desired quality. Negative pressure is maintained in the reactor. Oxide is removed from the reactor by sucking fresh air through it. Oxide is collected in the cyclone and the Dust collector.

The dust collector fitted with PP coated filter bas, filters the air and leaves fresh air to the atomsphere. The exhaust air from the Dust collector meets the environmental emission standards. HEPA filters can also be used after the Dust collector.

Reaction control

  • Reaction temperature
  • Reaction temperature is controlled by controlling the feed to the reaction pot and the amount of air sucked through the reactor. Water can also be used the control the temperature.

  • Reaction load
  • Reaction load i.e ampere of the reactor is controlled by controllin the amount of lead entering the reactor.

  • System draft
  • System Draft is measured and controlled by a motorized butterfly Damper, through the control panel.


Other features

  • Fully Automatic with PLC based Control system
  • Totally enclosed system
  • Touch Screen Based Interface
  • One Button START / STOP
  • 24 HOUR Operation

Plan Barton's Pot Oxidiser

elevation barton oxidiser

Elevation Barton's Pot Oxidiser

Specification of the output ( lead oxide ) :

Oxide Specifications Unit Range
Total PbO % 82 - 68
Free Lead % 18 - 32
Apparent density Grams / cc 1.5 - 2
Acid Absorption Mg / gram 180 - 200
Average Particle sizeum 3 - 4.5

Production rate :

Model Capacity
ACS / BRT / 5T 5000 kgs / day (24 hrs)
ACS / BRT / 8T 8000 kgs / day (24 hrs)