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Lead Recycling


In Smelting process metallic Lead is obtained in Short Rotary Furnaces at temperatures varying from 1000°C to 1400°C. This process is a batch process, in which the Lead Scrap is fed in Batches to the Rotary Furnace. The reduction reaction is carried out in the Rotary furnace. Read More..


Refining operation is a Pyrometallurgical process, carried out in kettles of capacities of 25 MT to 100 MT. Metals like copper, tin, arsenic and bismuth are removed from the hard Lead to manufacture pure Lead. Purity of Lead achieved is 99.97 %( Min). Read More..

Ingot Casting Machine

It is conveyor chain based casting machine. The moulds are filled with Lead with a lead pump or through flow regulating valves. The feeding system has load cell mounted, which controls the speed of the Lead pump and regulates the flow of lead automatically. Read More..

Battery Breaking and Separation

The scrap battery is crushed in the hammer and the output is passed through a sieve conveyor to wash off and separate the Lead Oxide powder. After this Lead and plastics are separated in sink and float tanks. The PP and PE are also separated in the last tank. Read More..


The refractory lining work is a very critical part of the complete lead recycling project. The life of the furnace depends on workmanship and the quality of bricks. ACS can help companies to achieve maximum life of the refractories with its services. Read More..

Battery Cutting Machine

This machine is used for Rotary Furnace of smaller capacities. It is a cleaner alternative to manual cutting and breaking of batteries. In this machine top of the Lead acid battery is cut with the help of rotating blades and lead bearing material from inside the battery is separated manually. Read More..

Pollution Control Equipments & Material Handling

Pollution control equipment the lead smelting operation generates effluent gases the pollution control equipment is an integral part of Rotary furnace used for lead smelting. The efficiency of the pollution control system is the key to the success of lead recycling project. Read More..

ACS Lead Tech

ACS LEAD TECH is the only Design (Technology) based equipment manufacturing firm in the Lead industry in India. Our in depth knowledge about Lead Metal and it processes coupled with strong mechanical design gives us an edge in the Lead industry. Our systems are full automatic with PLC controlled logic with minimum or no involvement of manpower.

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